Aluminium Windows and Doors

We can supply a comprehensive range of Aluminium Products to suit the requirements for your project. Technological advances in design and manufacturing now make Aluminium a sophisticated selection for windows and doors. Modern thermal barrier compounds are able to achieve ‘A’ rated energy efficiency and structural profiles can support large areas of glass e.g. fully glazed gables. This combination together with a wide range of slim line profiles, colours and textured finishes make Aluminium a product well worth investigating in any application.

Our range of aluminium products are great for domestic, commercial, new build, architectural and refurbishment applications.

Key Aluminium Specifications

  • Wide Range of Profiles Available

  • High Security Glazing Options

  • Polyamide thermal barriers (Up to an ‘A’ in Energy Efficiency)

  • Dual Colour Options

  • Textured Finishes

  • Excellent Weather Performance and Durability

  • Heavy Duty Versions

  • Domestic and Commercial Applications